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Thanks to donors like you, Surry Animal Rescue is able to rescue, nurture, and adopt out more and more dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens each year!

  We rescue animals every day from the following situations: 


Dog Abuse





 Puppy Mills


 The cost to help our rescues can be quite significant.

Injured Cat

Many puppy mill and hoarding type rescues have serious medical conditions due to the filth and poor conditions they are forced to live in.  Our abandonment and abuse cases often suffer from malnutrition and emaciation, dehydration, heartworms and severe diseases such as parvo.  We also provide medical treatment for things such as ear and eye infections, broken bones, skin conditions, and many, many others.

Your donations help us to provide the best treatment possible for our rescues so that they can be adopted out to a loving family.

Most importantly, your continued support of SAR ensures that we can continue to help save the lives of abandoned, neglected, and abused animals for many years to come!

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    More Ways To Donate:

 We can always use - 

  Food • Treats • Litter • Leashes • Collars • Harnesses

  Puppy Training Pads • Blankets • Beds • Towels

  Rubber-Backed Rugs • Toys • Bowls • Carriers

 Cedar Shavings • Crates • Doghouses 


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