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Meet Honey Meet Honey Bear! She is fun, playful, and absolutely LOVES to play with other dogs. She was feral for the first year of her life, and is still EXTREMELY shy around all people, especially new ones. She couldn't be touched for a long time. She will now take treats out of your hand, but she won't wait around to be pet. She still needs a lot of work with trusting humans, but is learning from her foster dog siblings. She's ready for the next stage: a home of her very own. She's going to be extremely nervous around people, and will need a home with AT LEAST one other young dog. She's happiest and most comfortable when she's running around, playing with other dogs in her yard.   She needs a quiet, patient, understanding home, somewhere she can continue learning to live in a house that is safe and warm and with people that love her. She's done great adjusting in her foster home. If you put in the time and patience, Honey is the sweetest, m...read more about Honey
  Pooh Bear
UPDATE:  Pooh Bear's leg wasn't healing properly so unfortunately the only thing left to do was amputate his leg.  He is healing well and is learning to walk as a tripod. Pooh Bear is a special boy.  He is an Australian Shepherd mix and is a giant teddy bear.  We think he is about 9 years old and is underweight for his breed.   Pooh Bear has been hanging out at a house in VA for 2 years now.  We have been trapping all of his puppies and have adopted out almost all of them.  We didn't take him right away because we figured the puppies were staying there because he was there.   The home owner called us and said that Pooh Bear wasn't putting any weight on his front leg.  We rushed over and had to catch him, he wasn't happy and gave us a fight but we weren't letting him get away with being injured.  Our vet examined him immediately and found that he broke both the bones in his front leg.  It must have h...read more about Pooh Bear
Ralph is a 7 year old Lab/Pointer mix, he currently weighs 50 pounds.  Ralph has lived with his current family his entire life and it was very hard for the family to ask help with finding him a new home.  He has been boarding at the vets office and they feel it is more important for him to have a real home than to wait for them.   Ralph has a best friend that is a Yorkie and 2 small girls as his playmates.  He loves kids and does well with small dogs.  He doesn't do well with large dogs and can be cage aggressive with them.  So his ideal home would be as a single dog or with a small dog to play with.   He really loves to be with his humans so someone who is home often would be perfect for him.  Ralph needs a fenced yard to run and play in freely.  If you would like to meet him please fill out an application from our website.
Brooksie is a 3 year old Husky mix.  She is up to date on her vaccines and she's spayed.   This sweet girl is house trained, good with kids and great with other dogs.  She is not good with cats mostly due to her breed.   Brooksie is currently living with her owners and they do love her but work very long hours and want her to have a better life.  She loves toys and really wants to be with her people.  Fenced yard is required.   Please fill out a application from our website if you would like to meet Brooksie.
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