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Meet Roscoe, a large shepherd mix who is 8 years old. He currently weighs 67 pounds. He came from animal control. When he was picked up he had massive hair loss due to being shaved and to allergies not being treated. Also he had severe infections in both ears and was underweight. After several months of care, healthy food and meds Roscoe's fur is coming back. There is one bald spot left under his neck. With his fur returning he has the cutest mutton chops (bush sideburns). He is blooming into a beautiful dog.    Roscoe will do well if his forever family or person were at home alot or could take Roscoe with them. He has separation anxiety. He will bark continuously with his Booming voice. He would do okay with another dog but Roscoe has a large, solid frame and can be a bulldozer (plays hard).    Roscoe is a sweet, loving dog who wants someone to be with him, to love and pet him. His favorite things are being petted and adored, meal times, treats...read more about Roscoe
Sasha is a 3-4 month old grey tabby.  She was found as a stray and is a super sweet little girl.   We took her to the vet and Sasha tested positive for FIV.  She is healthy right now but will have to be an only cat or with other cats who are also FIV positive. She is looking for her forever family, is it you?   Please fill out an application if you would like to meet her.
Tank is a 2 year old Shepherd mix, he currently weighs 55.7 pounds.   He's had a rough life so far from what we can see.  Tank is very timid when he first meets people, it seems that someone mistreated him.  Once he warms up and knows you are not going to hurt him he will get right in your lap. Tank was diagnosed with Lyme's disease and he is on medication for it right now.   UPDATE: Tank is still very timid at first with people but he loves other dogs and even does well with the cat in his foster home. He enjoys being outside especially when he's walked along the creek as he seems drawn to water. He does great on a leash but he does not let his foster parents put the leash on willingly so it takes patience, but this has been improving. He does love to run around in the fenced yard and doesn’t look for a way to escape, however he does not come through the door ...read more about Tank
Emily is a beautiful Tortoiseshell colored Calico, she is about 1 year old.   Emily was found as a stray and the family reached out to us for help.  She is very sweet and friendly, her foster mom said she is a pleasure to have at her home.   She will be spayed as soon as we can get an appointment.  She is healthy with negative Aids and Feline Leukemia tests.   If you would like to meet Emily please fill out an application from our website.
Stark is a 1 year old mixed breed dog, the dog identification app we have says Lab/hound/pointer mix but we aren't sure.  She does weigh 23 pounds so she will be a medium sized dog.   We were called for help when Stark showed up at a business in town obviously injured.  Unfortunately she had a badly broken leg and it had to be amputated.  She is healing well and is getting used to using her 3 other legs.   Stark is very sweet and has these beautiful large amber eyes she looks up at you with.  She really needs a quiet home or foster home right now so she can heal completely.   We haven't tried her with other dogs or cats yet because she just had her surgery.  We would suggest older children due to her special needs. If you would like to meet her please fill out an adoption or foster application from our website.
Rollo is an 18 month old Great Dane with a little lab mixed in.  He currently weighs 75 pounds and is just a big ball of love.   Rollo was found abandoned on a farm and nursed back to health by the owner.  He introduced him to all his dogs and he did great, although he does prefer human companionship.  As with most Danes he is a lap dog and a leaner.   He didn't have any manners when he was found but he is very smart and is learning quickly. He has done great with house training and will need more work with not jumping up on people.  Rollo is a smart dog and he really wants to please his humans so further training should be easy.  He does have energy but likes to chill with his human.   If you would like to meet Rollo please fill out an application from our website.
Harper is an 11 week old puppy, she weighs about 12 pounds.   Harper is a very special girl, she had a horrible accident probably when she was only 4 weeks old.  When we got her she was suffering with a right rear crushed femur and pelvis fracture.  Harper is a very strong little girl, so after being evaluated by our Veterinarian we decided to try and save her leg.  We are hoping that the bones will grow together enough for her leg to be usable.   She is in a foster home where they are helping her heal with proper physical therapy.  They said she is growing and gaining weight but her leg is still weak and still thinner than the other legs.  She is determined to keep up with her foster sibling but is watched very carefully.   Harper is affectionate and enjoys being snuggled.  She is kind to everyone she meets and does well with cats and dogs.  We haven't tried her with kids but she will need a home with older kids ...read more about Harper
Patrick is a 9 week old Black Labrador retriever mix, not sure what he's mixed with????   He is super cute and very sweet.  He is looking for a family to live with forever and be spoiled rotten. If you would like to meet him please fill out an application from our website.  Fenced yard required for potty and playtime.
Kane is a 4 1/2 month old Australian Shepherd mix, he currently weighs 26 pounds.  Kane was released to us by his owner due to reasons beyond his control.   He was very well taken care of and has a sweet personality. Kane is good with other dogs but he hasn't been around cats or kids yet.  He would probably do best with older kids because he is still a puppy.   If you would like to meet Kane please fill out an application from our website.  Fenced yard required
Squirt is a 10 year old Pug, she weighs about 18 pounds.  Squirt was rescued with her friend Sammie from the shelter in horrible condition.   Squirt is blind in both eyes and has congestive heart failure.  She is on heart medication and is doing very well on it.  Squirt walks stiff but that is due to her older age, but she is house trained. She is a super sweet girl, even though she can't see she follows her foster mom everywhere by listening to the sound of her footsteps.  She can get around the house by herself seeking out her humans for loving and petting.  Squirt really needs a dental but we are trying to get her healthier before she is put under anesthesia. If you would like to meet squirt please fill out an application from our website.    
Sammie is a 10 year old Miniature Poodle, she weighs about 18 pounds.   Sammie was rescued with her friend Squirt from the shelter in horrible condition.  She is blind in one eye and has glaucoma in the other eye.  She gets eye drops for the glaucoma twice a day.   Sammie is very sweet and she loves to get attention from her humans.  She had some lumps on her that were very concerning but luckily they were fine.  She is house trained. If you would like to meet Sammie please fill out an application from our website.    
Dahlia is a 1-2 year old DSH kitty, she weighs around 8 pounds. Dahlia is the perfect house cat,  she loves to chill with you and is fine when you aren't home.  She loves other cats, dogs and kids.   If you would like to meet her please fill out an application from our website.

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