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Meet Roscoe, a large shepherd mix who is 8 years old. He currently weighs 67 pounds. He came from animal control. When he was picked up he had massive hair loss due to being shaved and to allergies not being treated. Also he had severe infections in both ears and was underweight. After several months of care, healthy food and meds Roscoe's fur is coming back. There is one bald spot left under his neck. With his fur returning he has the cutest mutton chops (bush sideburns). He is blooming into a beautiful dog.    Roscoe will do well if his forever family or person were at home alot or could take Roscoe with them. He has separation anxiety. He will bark continuously with his Booming voice. He would do okay with another dog but Roscoe has a large, solid frame and can be a bulldozer (plays hard).    Roscoe is a sweet, loving dog who wants someone to be with him, to love and pet him. His favorite things are being petted and adored, meal times, treats...read more about Roscoe
Dozer is a 4 year old Chiwennie (Chihuahua/Dachshund) he weighs 10.2 pounds.   Dozer is a little shy when first meeting you but will bark and get excited when his foster mom gets home.  Dozer loves to get attention and be loved on.  He will whine to get your attention at times, especially when he is hungry.  He is good with other dogs but will chase cats for fun. He is almost fully house trained and was recently neutered so that will help with the house training too. Dozers likes to run so he will need a fenced yard that is secure.   If you are interested in Dozer please fill out an application from our website.
Peanut is a 2 year old Chihuahua, weighing in at 9.8 pounds.  He was released to us by his owner with his brother Dozer.  We were going to adopt them together but they are doing ok separate. Peanut is a little shy when first meeting you but he is laid back and loves to get attention and be loved on.  Peanut is good with other dogs too but will chase cats for fun like his brother. He is   almost fully house trained and were recently neutered so that will help with the house training too. Peanut likes to run so he will need a fenced yard that is secure.  If you are interested in Peanut please fill out an application from our website.
Allie is a 5 year old Yellow Labrador retriever, she weighs about 45 pounds.   This sweet girl was very neglected in her previous home.  She is under weight and had double ear infections.  She also had Cauliflower ears, those develop from shaking her head so much because the chronic ear infections weren't treated.  This caused scar tissue to develop in her ear flaps.   Poor Allie is also heart worm positive.  We have started her heart worm treatment but once she gets the injection of medication she will need to be walked on a leash only until the treatment is over.  One of the side effects of the medication is possible blood clots, so she will need to remain calm during that time.  She is in a wonderful foster home right now where they do walk her on a leash, so she is used to it.   Allie is a very sweet girl who gets along great with other dogs and all humans.  If you would like to meet her please ...read more about Allie
Jack is a 9 year old Beagle/Bassett hound mix, he currently weighs 36 pounds.   This sweet guy needs a home where he can live as a King.  He was kept outdoors his whole life and he tested positive for lymes disease. He is being treated for that now by our veterinarian.   Jack would love to have a fenced yard to run around in during playtime.   He is a real cuddle bug and is certain he is a lap dog. He’s been doing better at ignoring our cat and does like playing with our dog. He listens pretty good but does tug on his leash when he gets a whiff of a critter. In that way he is a typical hunting dog type. He would do good in a home with another dog and or children as he is very affectionate and gentle.  If you are interested in meeting Jack please fill out an application from our website.
Keisha is a 1 year old Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix, she weighs about 55 pounds.  Her mom was a Belgian Malinois and her dad was a German Shepherd K9 officer.   Keisha is a wonderful girl, she loves other dogs, cats and older kids.  She is house trained and is an extremely smart girl.  Keisha likes to sleep with her current mama and is very loving.  Her family is heart broken to have to give her up but they know they aren't giving her the exercise she needs.   Keisha is not crate trained and has anxiety issues when her parents go out even though she has other dogs with her.  She will chew up anything that you leave around.  She is a working dog and right now she is only playing.  Keisha needs an owner that knows her breeds and can get her attention from chewing to working.  She needs someone home often that likes to go for walks and can spend the time giving her the training she needs.   Keisha requires a ...read more about Keisha
Bruno is a very handsome 2 1/2 year old Akita/Boxer mix, he currently weighs 47.6 pounds.  His owners couldn't care for him anymore and asked us for help.   Bruno has a lot of energy so he needs a home where he can have a fenced yard to run around in and also have jobs to do.  He is very affectionate and is good with other dogs.  We haven't had him with cats so we aren't sure if he would try to chase them or not.   He would need to be with older children just because he could very easily knock over young ones.  He will need a little work with house training but he is a very smart boy and learns fast.   If you would like to meet Bruno please fill out an application from our website.  Fenced yard is required.
Pete is a 5-6 year old Lab mix, he weighs around 70 pounds.   This sweet guy was rescued by a lady from horribly mean people that were going to shoot him.  He was very underweight and terrified.  She nursed him back to health and now needs to find his forever home.   Pete acts like a puppy and gets very excited to see people.  He is good with other dogs and older kids but needs a home without cats.  Pete is house trained and has very good manners in the house.  He is fearful of a leash and is scared to get in the car.  Once he is in the car he rides very well.   He needs someone that can be patient with training him on the leash but a fenced yard will be necessary for potty and playtime.  If you would like to meet Pete please fill out an application from our website.
Lacy is a 5 year old Lab/pointer mix, she weighs about 50 pounds.  She is very sweet and loves to be snuggled.   She does need to get her energy out and currently does well with an invisible fence.  She also walks very well with a leash and harness.  She listens to basic commands like sit and stay and will definitely come for treats.  She doesn't jump on people but wants to climb into your lap for you to pet her.  She is completely house trained and is ready for her new home. She really needs a family where she can have undivided attention.  She currently lives with her littermate and they are starting to have some issues with each other.  Lacy will do best without other dogs and young children.   Please fill out an application from our website if you would like to meet Lacy.  
  Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda is an American Pit Bull Terrier, she is about 4 years old and 68 pounds.  She is a very special girl and is looking forward to finally having a happy loving home.   Baby has been kept outdoors most of her life and she tested positive for heart worms.  We have already started her treatment and she is doing very well.  Baby loves attention and gives kisses to everyone she meets.  She has some energy but knows how to sit still for her treats.   As you can see in the pictures she doesn't mind getting fancied up for her photographs and didn't even think of pulling the stuffing out of the bunny.  Baby needs a home where she is indoors and has a fenced yard for potty and playtime.   She will need to be kept calm for a couple weeks after she receives her heart worm treatment injection.  Although after that she can play all she wants.  She used to live with another dog and seems to do well with the dogs ...read more about Baby Yoda
Ryker is a 2 year old hound mix, he weighs about 66 pounds.   The name Ryker means "brave" and that describes him perfectly.  Ryker was taken from an abusive home and recently had surgery on his eye.  Unfortunately his eye was so damaged it had to be removed.  Ryker is doing great and he was happy to pose for pictures with his embarrassing head cone.   It is time that Ryker knows what a real home is like and what family means.  He won't really have an adjustment with his vision because he couldn't see out of his eye anyway.  Now he is free from any pain he had before and much happier. He was with another dog when he came in and did well but we will make sure to try him with any potential adopters dogs.  Please fill out an application if you would like to adopt Ryker.  He also needs an immediate foster home if anyone can help out.
Dexter is a 2 1/2 year old Male Calico, yup you heard me right, he's a male Calico!!!  He weighs about 11 pounds and is fully grown. It is very rare to find a Calico that is not a female, especially one that is super sweet like him.  Dexter loves humans and just rolls onto his back for belly rubs.   He does great with other cats and dogs.  He hasn't been around small children but he is good with teens.  He is an indoor only cat. If you would like to meet him please fill out an application from our website.
Tanner is such a good dog. He is so happy and very smart.  He is about 18 months old and weight 30 pounds. He looks like a miniature lab.   Tanner LOVES his daily walks. He gets pretty wild when you are putting his leash on. He is really excited when you first go out and will pull a little bit but slowly eases into just enjoying himself and walks great.   He has a lot of energy but is not destructive. He loves to wrestle and play with toys.  He does great in the house and is completely potty trained. He doesn't like being in a crate, but he is so good while we are gone that it is not a problem.   Tanner is a great combination of independent and snuggle bug.  After a day of playing, he loves to curl up on the couch and relax with his family and he sleeps through the night.  He loves to get in the car and rides great. Tanner gets along really well with other dogs and doesn't seem to mind cats. He ...read more about Tanner
  Sir Thomas
Sir Thomas is a 2 year old DLH kitty, he is a gorgeous orange and white color and weighs 10.8 pounds.  He was found as a stray and taken into our care.   Sir Thomas is a very friendly cat with all humans, he loves to play, head butt and get belly rubs.   We do not know how he does with dogs and he seems to want to be the only cat getting all the attention.  We will know more about that as time goes on.   If you would like to meet Sir Thomas please fill out an application from our website.
Maya is a 5 year old Purebred Siberian Husky, she weighs about 55 pounds.  Her owners did breed her so she will be spayed and updated on all of her vaccines.   She currently lives with her 2 daughters Luna and Poppy, the daddy dog and another smaller dog.  They all get along but she hasn't been around any other dogs so we will definitely have a meet and greet with an adopters dog.   Maya is very friendly with humans and has a sweet personality.  Look close and you will see she has two beautiful blue eyes.  She would need a home without cats due to her breed.   If you are interested in meeting her please fill out an application from our website Fenced yard required

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