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Meet Honey Meet Honey Bear! She is fun, playful, and absolutely LOVES to play with other dogs. She was feral for the first year of her life, and is still EXTREMELY shy around all people, especially new ones. She couldn't be touched for a long time. She will now take treats out of your hand, but she won't wait around to be pet. She still needs a lot of work with trusting humans, but is learning from her foster dog siblings. She's ready for the next stage: a home of her very own. She's going to be extremely nervous around people, and will need a home with AT LEAST one other young dog. She's happiest and most comfortable when she's running around, playing with other dogs in her yard.   She needs a quiet, patient, understanding home, somewhere she can continue learning to live in a house that is safe and warm and with people that love her. She's done great adjusting in her foster home. If you put in the time and patience, Honey is the sweetest, m...read more about Honey
Ralph is a 7 year old Lab/Pointer mix, he currently weighs 50 pounds.  Ralph has lived with his current family his entire life and it was very hard for the family to ask help with finding him a new home.  He has been boarding at the vets office and they feel it is more important for him to have a real home than to wait for them.   Ralph has a best friend that is a Yorkie and 2 small girls as his playmates.  He loves kids and does well with small dogs.  He doesn't do well with large dogs and can be cage aggressive with them.  So his ideal home would be as a single dog or with a small dog to play with.   He really loves to be with his humans so someone who is home often would be perfect for him.  Ralph needs a fenced yard to run and play in freely.  If you would like to meet him please fill out an application from our website.
Brooksie is a 3 year old Husky mix.  She is up to date on her vaccines and she's spayed.   This sweet girl is house trained, good with kids and great with other dogs.  She is not good with cats mostly due to her breed.   Brooksie is currently living with her owners and they do love her but work very long hours and want her to have a better life.  She loves toys and really wants to be with her people.  Fenced yard is required.   Please fill out a application from our website if you would like to meet Brooksie.
Meet Roscoe, a large shepherd mix who is 8 years old. He currently weighs 67 pounds. He came from animal control. When he was picked up he had massive hair loss due to being shaved and to allergies not being treated. Also he had severe infections in both ears and was underweight. After several months of care, healthy food and meds Roscoe's fur is coming back. There is one bald spot left under his neck. With his fur returning he has the cutest mutton chops (bush sideburns). He is blooming into a beautiful dog.    Roscoe will do well if his forever family or person were at home alot or could take Roscoe with them. He has separation anxiety. He will bark continuously with his Booming voice. He would do okay with another dog but Roscoe has a large, solid frame and can be a bulldozer (plays hard).    Roscoe is a sweet, loving dog who wants someone to be with him, to love and pet him. His favorite things are being petted and adored, meal times, treats...read more about Roscoe
  Absolutely Adorable Kitties
These are our Halloween kitties, they are 9 weeks old and need homes immediately.  The white one with the grey stripe on his nose and the grey kitty are both boys.  The other 4 are all girls.  Please email us if you are interested in a kitten and we will put you in touch with the people who found them.
Dozer is a 4 year old Chiwennie (Chihuahua/Dachshund) he weighs 10.2 pounds.   Dozer is a little shy when first meeting you but will bark and get excited when his foster mom gets home.  Dozer loves to get attention and be loved on.  He will whine to get your attention at times, especially when he is hungry.  He is good with other dogs but will chase cats for fun. He is almost fully house trained and was recently neutered so that will help with the house training too. Dozers likes to run so he will need a fenced yard that is secure.   If you are interested in Dozer please fill out an application from our website.
  Kit Kat
Kit Kat is almost 5 months old and she was rescued by one of our volunteers with her siblings.  This sweet girl is the only one left of the litter.   Kit Kat is a female, she is gray and white and 4.5 pounds.  She is a very social kitty and is good with humans and other animals.  She is a true love bug. If you are interested in Kit Kat please fill out an application from our website.
Journey is currently being fostered in Charlotte, North Carolina.****************Update 01/18/21****************Journey is THRIVING in her foster home!  She gets along with all the other dogs, and of course plays the most with her long lost sister, Honey.  She's very curious about the cat and will try to follow her around, but has not shown any sign of agression towards her or anything at all.  She's very passive and would do best with another stronger dog around to help her feel safe.  She does wonderfully on her daily walks, and knows to go into her crate for food and bed time.  She is a gentle soul that loves to nap on a soft blanket. She still has a puppy-like energy and she'll the zoomies and need to run around or play with a toy in the house.  Best of all, she's gone the past week without needing to use a pee pad!!!  She has also learned to sit for her treats. She's become a very curious counter surfer, so we have to monitor what is left within ...read more about Journey
Peanut is a 2 year old Chihuahua, weighing in at 9.8 pounds.  He was released to us by his owner with his brother Dozer.  We were going to adopt them together but they are doing ok separate. Peanut is a little shy when first meeting you but he is laid back and loves to get attention and be loved on.  Peanut is good with other dogs too but will chase cats for fun like his brother. He is   almost fully house trained and were recently neutered so that will help with the house training too. Peanut likes to run so he will need a fenced yard that is secure.  If you are interested in Peanut please fill out an application from our website.
Kris is a 13 week old Hound/Shepherd mix.  He weighs about 10 pounds right now.  Kris is a sweet little guy, loves every human and dog he meets.   He is a very happy puppy with high energy.  Will be easy to train because he is food motivated.  His foster mom is working on his potty training but he has learned how great it is to be an indoor dog that he doesn't want to stay outside.  He is smart though and is learning more every day.   Kris has 2 siblings that are also available for adoption, Noel and Kringle.   If you want to meet him please fill out an application from our website.  Fenced yard required.
Bruno is a 1 1/2 year old Lab/hound mix, weighing in at 48 pounds.  We rescued him from the shelter after his humans dumped him there.  We were able to get him into a foster home and he is doing very well.  Here's what his fosters have to say about him. He was really excited when we picked him up and he was being extremely rambunctious. After the initial excitement wore off he was scared and timid. It took him a couple of days but now he is glued to our hips. He follows us everywhere and loves being around people. He is scared of almost all new noises and will hide but once he becomes familiar with the noise it is a non issue. He is completely potty trained and will go to the door when he needs to go out. He is being crate trained and is very comfortable in his crate.  He is very friendly and playful. He loves playing with other dogs. He hasn’t been around any cats. He is very nosy but not pushy about it. He loves a co...read more about Bruno

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